Board of Directors


Mr. Toh Eng Kui

Executive Director,
Chairman & CEO

Mr. Toh Eng Kui (‘‘Mr. Toh’’) founded our Group in June 1991 and was appointed a director of Eng Leng at its founding. He was appointed as a Director on 28 February 2019 and re-designated as an executive Director and Chairman of our Board on 31 May 2019. Mr Toh was appointed as the chief executive officer of the Group with effect from 2 June 2022. Mr. Toh has close to four decades of entrepreneurial experience in the cleaning and construction industry. In October 1981, after completing his two years of national service in the Singapore Civil Defence Force, Mr. Toh founded Eng Leng Sub-Contractor as a sole proprietorship engaged in construction-related industry. A decade later, Mr. Toh incorporated Eng Leng, marking the founding of our Group. Mr. Toh is responsible for overseeing, identifying, developing and directing the implementation of business strategies of our Group to achieve our Group’s vision and business objectives. He works with customers, suppliers, officials of government departments and regulatory bodies as well as creates and maintains links with other trade and professional associations. Under his leadership, Mr. Toh grew our Group from start-up almost three decades ago to become one of the leading service providers of cleaning solutions in Singapore today that employs over 2,500 employees.

Mr. Toh completed his secondary school education in December 1976 at Serangoon Secondary School in Singapore. Save as being the brother of Ms. Toh, our senior management, Mr. Toh does not have any relationship with other Directors and senior management.


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